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Friday, December 12, 2008

Obama Honeymoon Over Before It Began

It's been a pretty rough week for the party of "hope" and "change." I suspect that most of the hope going on in the other camp is hoping that next week isn't as bad as this past one.

The national media woke up to the fact that the corrupt Democrat political machine in Chicago that produced Barack Obama is still chruning out corruption like it's going out of style. Then again, the attempt by the Democrat Illinois Governor to sell off Barack Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder was hard to miss, particularly when the charges come from U.S. Attorney Peter Fitzgerland, whom the left praised up and down when he was giving Dick Cheney's Chief of Staff a hard time.

Also this week Republicans won two important runoff House races in Louisiana as Joseph Cao defeated Democrat William Jefferson to represent central New Orleans. Jefferson is the fellow who had a hard time explaining more than $50K in cash he kept in his freezer.

Meanwhile, here in California Democrats renewed their efforts to make it easier for them to raise taxes, because, hey, the California economy apparently isn't suffering enough. Some day those guys are going to be able to point to a government program (outside of law enforcement and the military) that should be shut down to give taxpayers some kind of break. Now that would be newsworthy.

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