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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Obama's Performance Rating Now Below 50%

There's only so much big government the American people can take, and that's evident in the latest numbers from John Zogby showing Barack Obama's job performance rating continues to drop, now under 50%, even though growing numbers of Americans believe the country is on the right track.

That is, even as the perception of the country's direction improves, Obama's not getting the credit for it. To the contrary, Americans are growing weary of his agenda.

However, President Barack Obama's ratings for job performance and favorability did not improve over earlier this month. In the most recent survey, 49% rate his job performance as excellent or good and 50% as fair or poor (less than 1% were not sure.) That is a dip of three points from the previous poll. The percentages who feel very or somewhat favorable toward Obama remained unchanged between the two polls, with 55% now and 56% in the previous poll.

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