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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Special Election Results Send National Anti-Tax Message

Californians today sent a strong message across America against higher taxes and government that lives beyond its means.

Now, a new battle is joined.

Republicans can and must actively demonstrate our support for solving California's budget crisis through spending cuts that bring the size of government in line with reality, not through more tax increases that only hurt families and further compromise our state's competitiveness.

Republicans must stand together in support of applying our principles of lower taxes and limited government. This not only benefits individual taxpayers and families, but allows businesses - small and large - to grow and create more jobs, which in turn fuels a strong economy.

Take advantage of this opportunity to let our Republican elected officials know you support them in their drive to reduce government spending and spare the taxpayers even more tax hikes. Now is also the time to focus on our mission of sending more Republican reinforcements to Sacramento, Washington, and local government.

If you have local elections in your part of the state this year, help your county committee with its victory program. If there are no elections in your region until next year, help your county party in registering new Republicans, building its precinct program, and recruiting quality candidates.

Finally, Republican unity is key to victory.

This means we need everyone pulling together. It means we need Republican candidates supporting one another in a unified ticket next year. It means the party supporting the entire ticket, from Governor and Senator down to local government offices.

And it means concentrating our fire on our liberal opponents in Washington and Sacramento while we stand united in offering a better vision for the future than where the Democrats are determined to take our state and nation.

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