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Thursday, May 3, 2007

Live from the Spin Room at the Reagan Library

Candidates and staffers have been coming through the spin room all morning -- Duncan Hunter, Jim Gilmore, and Tommy Thompson in just the last hour. Surrogates for Guiliani, Romney and McCain are working the press too.

Carla Marinucci of the SF Chronicle is blogging, see her posts here.

MS-NBC is the dominant television presence, since they are broadcasting the debate live and Chris Matthews is the moderator. MS-NBC's broadcasts throughout the day feature a "Countdown to Debate" clock ticking down to 5:00 PM Pacific Time when the action starts.

Much of the discussion with the media concerns California's role in the nominating process. (Interestingly, the Florida legislature today decided to get the jump on everyone else by moving their primary to January 29. Story.)

As the largest state with the biggest delegation to the national convention, California is of course critical. The new winner-take-all-by-congressional-district system will have a big impact on the dynamic here in California, although this fact has not received the same level of attention as the new February 5 primary date. In short, candidates who are not running in first place statewide now have an incentive to compete in individual congressional districts to pick up delegates. Meanwhile, the frontrunner (whoever that is come February) will need to concentrate on individual CDs too.

CRP Communications czar Hector Barajas is here working the press while keeping the Chairman on time -- no easy task in any case. Melissa Giller, the public affairs chief here at the Reagan Library, is keeping the trains running and coordinating a world class operation for the more than 250 media outlets present.

More later...

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