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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Assembly Democrats Anti-Choice

The next time you fly to Vegas for the weekend, you may want to pick up some light bulbs.

That's because the Democrats in the legislature, never missing an opportunity to demonstrate that they are for the most intrusive government imaginable, just passed out of committee a bill to dictate the kinds of light bulbs you can (legally) have in your home.

Here's what the Assembly Republican Caucus (Mike Villines, leader) had to say:

Assembly Democrats Turn Out The Lights On Consumer Choice In California
Pass intrusive measure dictating what light bulbs Californians may buy

SACRAMENTO - Assembly Republicans today criticized Democrats on the Assembly Utilities and Commerce Committee for passing intrusive legislation that dictates to Californians what type of light bulbs they must use in their homes.

"Encouraging Californians to make their homes more energy efficient is certainly a very worthy goal," said Utilities and Commerce Committee Vice-Chair Rick Keene, R-Chico. "But making it unlawful to sell a certain type of light bulb is ridiculous. Criminalizing the light bulbs people use in their homes should be the last concern of lawmakers right now, especially given California's serious challenges, such as our prison crisis and long-term budget problems."

Assembly Bill 722, by Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, D-Van Nuys, would ban the sale of non-fluorescent light bulbs in California after 2012. While fluorescent light bulbs are a responsible choice, this bill ignores the fact that they are four-times more expensive than standard light bulbs, presenting an economic hardship for some Californians.

Republicans said the measure was another example of Democrats in Sacramento trying to tell people how to live their lives. Additionally, they argued that if compact fluourecent bulbs are a better deal for consumers, as the proponents suggest, then the problem will solve itself, without the heavy hand of government.

"Californians can decide for themselves which light bulbs perform best in the lamps in their homes, which ones are environmentally responsible, and which ones are the most affordable for their family budgets," said Keene. "Lawmakers should stop dictating to people how they should live their lives and focus on the real problems facing California."

Maybe they'll put a Home Depot right on the Vegas strip.

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