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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Military Launches Its Own YouTube Channel: MNFIraq

The Iraq I saw last November looked little like the "car bomb of the day" footage one sees on the news channels here at home.

The most interesting experience was meeting Iraqis who were taking serious personal risks to make the new Iraqi Parliament work day to day. From some of the news coverage, one could assume they don't exist. They do, and it further highlights the disconnect between thew news coverage and the day to day situation on the ground.

The US military is taking steps to close that gap with a new channel on YouTube to provide a "boots on the ground" perspective of what's happening day to day in Baghdad and elsewhere in Iraq. The channel is "MNFIraq" for "Multi National Force - Iraq" and can be accessed here.

As of this morning, the channel has been viewed 151,538 times.

MNF Iraq also has its own website with content updated daily, messages to and from the troops, and more. Visit it here.

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