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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hillary: Both for and against the environment, and corporate largesse

Senator Hillary Clinton is contributing to global warming, and not just through her campaign rhetoric.

Environmentalists chide jet travellers because (here we go again) the CO2 emitted by jets at high altitude is supposed to have a more rapid, negative impact on the climate than the same amount of CO2 emitted at sea level. This is a frequent justification for why us little people should be riding on trains instead of flying home to see the family at Christmas.

Of course, Senator Hillary is spending a lot of time not just on jets, but on private jets (even worse), as she campaigns for (yet another) Clinton Presidency, making her own contributions to global warming.

Adding to the irony, Senator Hillary spent part of this week railing against corporate largesse and executive pay. (Has anyone noticed what the leaders of the big labor unions make, by the way? Not exactly chump change. Go over to the Department of Labor's website here to see the latest union financial disclosure reports.)

So we assume Hillary is against "corporate largesse" -- except when that largesse involves corporate friends of the Clintons allowing their corporate jets to be used so Hillary can fly around the country...complaining about corporate largesse and global warming.

The icing on the cake: The AP is reporting that one of her supporters is being sued by shareholders for wasting millions of dollars of corporate funds, including $900,000 on flying around...the Clintons. AP Story

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