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Saturday, August 16, 2008

San Bernardino Republican Women: 70 Years of Activism

Our Republican Women's groups are a key part of our volunteer backbone throughout California. In San Bernardino, the county RWF celebrated 70 years of leadership and work for our Republican cause at their meeting in Lake Arrowhead on Friday.

After returning from Washington early Friday morning I headed to the Lake Arrowhead meeting to discuss the current campaign and provide an update on the great leadership we're seeing on the energy issue from our House Republicans. Whether it's walking precincts or staffing headquarters, the San Bernardino RWF has earned a reputation for commitment to the Republican cause and support of our Republican elected officials.

Moving forward, it's important that we keep the volunteers we recruit for this election active once the campaign is over. Every Republican woman who volunteers for the campaign in 2008 should take the opportunity to join their local RWF group to remain active in the party, keep up to date on developments in politics and government, and help put our ideas into action throughout California.

Today, our focus is on winning the '08 election for Sen. McCain and all of our downticket candidates. Our RWF members will, once again, be critical to success.

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