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Monday, December 29, 2008

'Smart Growth' Group Lobbying AGAINST Roads

As the Democrats take control in Washington, it's just amazing to watch some of the really kooky groups come out of the woodwork and try to impose their ideology on the nation, no matter how much money their ideas would waste or how negative the impact on our quality of life.

Here in California, we continue to suffer from a lack of adequate roads - they need to be wider, and we need more of them. We're a growing state, and no matter how much the coercive utopians wish it were not so, the automobile is, and will continue to be, our primary means of getting from one place to another.

Yet, here comes another group that wants to put ideology ahead of improving people's lives. "Transportation for America" is upset that plans for new spending would actually build roads. According to a story in The Hill, the group has its own idea of what should be in the transportation bill: “Unlike the lists put forward by state transportation officials, Transportation for America’s is heavy on transit programs and more bike and walk paths.”

That’s right - just think about how much faster your commute will be once Congress steps in and builds that better bike path for you.

'Smart growth' group lobbies against new road construction

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