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Friday, December 19, 2008

Teachers Union Proposes Big Sales Tax Hike Initiative

Well, it's official. The California Teachers Association union is now officially to the left of the Democrat state legislators.

That's not an easy thing to accomplish, given how way off the deep end that bunch is.

Yet, the CTA has just proposed a statewide ballot measure to increase the state sales tax by $1 for every $100 in purchases and direct that money to the education bureaucracy where presumably a few schools will get what's left over after the bureaucrats take their share.

As for the elected representatives of the people - those who you and I vote for at the ballot box - having any say over how that money is spent, the union has a different idea:

"It's time for stable and independent funding that cannot be cut by the Legislature or diverted for other uses," said the state CTA President.

That's right, we don't want any pesky elected officials to have any say over how tax dollars are spent. The union and bureaucracy will make those decisions, don't you worry. Your job, according to them, is just to vote for the tax increase, and then pay it. Forever.

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