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Friday, December 19, 2008

Governor's Veto of Dem Sham Budget

Governor Schwarzenegger's decision to veto the sham budget the Democrats produced without a single Republican vote in the legislature is absolutely the right thing to do, given how totally unacceptable the package is on so many levels.

The Democrats have consistently thwarted Republican efforts to reform the state's broken system of budgeting and spending which locks in runaway growth in government programs and bureaucracy while making the state particularly susceptible to swings in the economy.

Just as bad, Democrats in the legislature have resisted all Republican efforts to bring some sanity to the state's regulatory system which, together with a punishing tax code, continues to drive jobs, people, and opportunities to neighboring, lower tax states such as Nevada and Arizona.

The Governor and Republican legislators are absolutely right in recognizing the need for some regulatory relief in this challenging economy. The knee-jerk response by our friends on the left is that any -- ANY -- effort to streamline regulations somehow harms workers or the environment. Yet, the reality is often just the opposite. For instance, liberal opposition to connecting a toll road in Orange County with Interstate 5 is causing more traffic to snarl on the freeway, generating more pollutants and degrading the quality of life of people who are sitting in their cars instead of at home with their kids. The examples are endless.

Today we are also suffering as a direct result of the Democrat/union campaign to defeat the Governor's Proposition 76 in 2005. The measure would have placed reasonable limits on the growth of state spending plus a rainy day fund, making today's budget situation far more manageable.

Liberals in the legislature have proven repeatedly that they will fight *any* effort to place *any* limit on the growth of state government, or measures that force the legislature to set spending priorities. Instead, the wide array of interest groups that profit from increasing government largesse happily fund the opposition to any rational budget reforms, leaving taxpayers holding the bag and facing threats of tax increases.

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