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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Democrats, Party of Diversity and Tolerance, Punishes Its Own

Standard issue Democrat talking points cite ad infinitum how their party is the party of "tolerance" and "diversity." Just how hypocritical this claim is was bluntly revealed when Democrat Assemblymember Nicole Parra was thrown out of the Capitol for daring to show a little bit of diversity by voting against the Democrats' budget on the floor.

Assemblymember Parra had repeatedly warned she would vote against the budget unless it was coupled with a deal on a water bond. Parra represents a heavily agricultural district in the Central Valley.

So, just how did the champions of tolerance and diversity handle Parra's vote against the Democrat-sponsored budget? She was ordered by the Speaker to pack up her office and move out of the Capitol "by 5 PM." They also killed off the remainder of her bill package for her final session in the legislature.

The Democrat leadership in Sacramento has handed every Republican candidate a salient example to refute as bogus any claims that liberals somehow value "tolerance" and "diversity" more than Republicans.

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