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Saturday, August 16, 2008

McCain Scores Decisively in Saddleback Forum

Today's forum at Saddleback Church in Orange County was a high stakes opportunity for both candidates, and Senator McCain's performance was clear, decisive, and inspiring to many in the audience and those watching on television.

Obama went first, and what struck me immediately is how little eye contact he made with Rick Warren as he conducted the interview. In form, he showed none of the polish which is in evidence when he reads prepared comments from a teleprompter. In substance, he revealed himself as both an unrefined liberal (raise taxes, check with the "international community" before defending American priorities in the world, liberal Supreme Court justices), and evasive on many issues of interest to those in the audience (life, marriage, etc.).

Senator McCain gave clear, decisive answers to Rick Warren's questions: taxes are high enough -- no tax hikes; we need more energy supplies, including drilling for oil; Supreme Court justices? No more Souters, Ginsbergs, etc.

Perhaps the most defining moment of the forum came when Senator McCain answered the question of how America should deal with evil in the world -- ignore it, contain it, defeat it? Obama gave a wordy non-answer. Senator McCain looked Rick Warren straight in the eye and without a moment of hestitation responded: "Defeat it."

Clear, decisive win for Senator McCain and a performance that made all of us proud.

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