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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Union Members Backed Scott Brown While Union Officials Backed Coakley

The gap between union leaders and union members has once again come to light as it was revealed this week that the majority of union households in Massachusetts voted for Republican Scott Brown, while the leadership of the state's AFL-CIO labor union backed Democrat Martha Coakley.

On December 18, Massachusetts AFL-CIO President Robert Haynes declared,
"The Massachusetts AFL-CIO is proud to stand with Martha Coakley because of her proven record of fighting for working families and because of her career of public service. Our Attorney General has always stood for fairness, justice, and opportunity for working families. The Massachusetts AFL-CIO will work hard during this short campaign to add Martha’s voice, values, and talents to the U.S. Senate."
Yet, while union officials predictably threw their weight (and members' money) behind Democrat Coakley, union members chose to make up their own mind. In polling data released January 21st, the AFL-CIO itself reported that union households supported Republican Scott Brown over Democrat Coakley 49%-46%.

Once again, union workers were forced to sit back and watch as the resources they pay into their union are used to support candidates they oppose.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Governor Connects the Dots Between Jobs and the State Budget

In his final push toward an improved fiscal legacy, Governor Schwarzenegger has boldly drawn the connection between creating a job-friendly state and solving California's long-term financial crisis in his 2010-2011 budget proposal.

The Governor and Republicans understand that the quickest and most efficient way to close the estimated $20 billion shortfall is to eliminate the job-killing policies that have plagued our state, while at the same time reforming the bloated pension system and redefining the relationship between Washington and Sacramento.

The Governor's budget plan is a positive step forward that all Republicans can embrace.

Complete article on the Flashreport

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Paul Hegyi: A Solid Republican Leader

Republican leader Paul Hegyi is someone I've come to respect over the years as someone who understands both policy and politics, and equally important, someone willing to do the hard day to day work necessary to move the ball down the field. This week Paul ended his campaign for the 10th Assembly District, a seat held (for the moment) by Democrat Alyson Huber.

I'm confident Paul will serve in elected office one day. Our party, and our state, need leaders like Paul who are right on the issues, and willing to do the hard work to turn solutions into reality.

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