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Friday, August 31, 2007

Convention Attendance Looking Strong

Staff reports pre-registrations for our state party convention in Indian Wells is running strong, particularly given that this is our first non-election year since 2001. An unprecedented five Republican governors will be joining us at various times during the convention. In addition to our own Governor Schwarzenegger, we'll see Governor Perry of Texas, Pawlenty of Minnesota, Crist of Florida, and Huntsman of Utah. Senator John McCain is the Saturday lunch speaker, and other presidential candidates are possible...stay tuned...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Congratulations Ventura County

Chairman Mike Osborn and the Republican Party of Ventura County only know one trajectory: up.

That was proven again on Sunday when more than 400 Republican volunteers and donors showed up for the grand opening of the new Ventura County Republican Center.

Ventura County will be the center of considerable attention next year as former Assemblyman Tony Strickland campaigns to replace termed-out Senator Tom McClintock in the 19th Senate District.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Governor Right to Threaten Veto of Dem Health Bill

Republicans support reforming California's health care system. Current laws and regulations now on the books cause all kinds of market distortions that drive up the price of insurance in the state. The Governor, Assembly and Senate Republicans have proposed several different solutions to solve the problem.

Today the Governor threatened to veto the job-killing health care proposal from the Democrats in the legislature. Vetoing bad bills like theirs, which will destroy jobs and drive even more employers out of state, is precisely why we have a Republican governor.

Governor Schwarzenegger has demonstrated an extremely generous willingness to reach across the aisle and work with members of both parties to solve the state's big problems. Democrats moving forward with their deeply flawed proposal, which draws absolutely no Republican support, shows how little they share in any "post-partisan" sentiment. Reaching a deal on health care will become more difficult as the 2008 election approaches, making now the ideal time for Democrats to show some leadership and start giving serious consideration to the quality Republican health care proposals that have been introduced.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another State to Vote on Feb 5

The latest state to join California in holding its presidential primary on February 5 is Arizona. Total number of states voting this day: 20.

A significant number of RNC members expressed their views at the most recent RNC meeting that the delegate selection process must be reformed. I concur.

Dem Filner Assaults Airline Worker

San Diego Democrat Congressman Bob Filner, no doubt another self-appointed champion of tolerance, is reported to have assaulted an airline worker at Washignton's Dulles airport Sunday. Specifically, it's been reported he attempted to enter an employees-only area, shoved a worker, and refused to leave when asked. Over 190 news outlets have covered Filner's display of "I've been in Washington way too long" syndrome as of this afternoon.

Those of us in San Diego have long known Filner for being ill-mannered, which is perhaps why he keeps drawing Democrat primary opponents like Juan Vargas and Danny Ramirez.

Fox News Story: Rep Bob Filner Charged With Assault on VA Airline Worker

Saturday, August 18, 2007

CRP Friend Timothy Simon in Sac Bee

Timothy Simon is a shining star of the Republican Party in Califronia. Governor Schwarzenegger recently appointed him to the state Public Utilities Commission, following his excellent service as the Governor's appointments secretary.

Last week, Tim wrote in the Sacramento Bee about the need for the state's emergency warning systems to be coordinated, using the proper technology. This is an area where multiple layers of government can really mess things up, and one which those of us who have survived major catastrophes are acutely aware. (In the 2003 Cedar Fire, my "early warning system" was seeing an orange glow over the hills outside my bedroom window at 4 AM).

You can read Tim's excellent op-ed here. Keep up the good work, Tim!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dems Flip Over Electoral College Initiative

I'm watching with total amusement as the Democrats respond to the initiative filed by attorney Tom Hilthack which would give Californians the opportunity to decide whether to allocate its presidential electoral college votes by congressional district (as the initiative would provide), or winner take all statewide (the status quo).

The only way to describe the Democrats' response is, well, there are a few ways: panic, hysteria, overreaction, flipping out, hyperventilating. There are others but you get the idea.

Here you have an initiative that to date has no funding behind it (or at least none that would cause the filing of any disclosure reports yet), no title and summary, and not a single singature has been gathered.

Yet, this little initiative -- with no title, no summary, no money, and no signatures -- has prompted the Democrat establishment to go to into overdrive by forming a committee to fight it, enlsiting the support of a few liberal millionaires to fund an opposition effort, and a few elected officials to provide window dressing -- all for something which does not yet have a single signature. Our party has barely looked at it.

Folks, there's only one emotion that prompts someone to overreact like this: fear.

What could evoke such panic in the other team that they would go to all the lengths outlined in today's AP story? It's not the amount of money that's been raised for the intiative (zero). Or the number of signatures (zero). Or the awesome power of the proponents' website (there isn't one).

It must be the power of the idea itself, that Californians may choose to do what Maine and Nebraska have done, in choosing a different way to apportion its electoral college votes.

This idea should not be alien to the Democrats, since they championed a nearly identical measure in Colorado in 2004, and they are right now pushing the exact same idea in North Carolina. I wonder if the CA Democrats who are in such a tizzy over this initiative believe that their fellow party members who are promoting this right now in North Carolina and other Republican-leaning states believe they, too, are engaged in some nefarious idea?

The Democrats' blown-out-of-all-proportion response to this initiative will only deepen Republican interest in the idea. They are clearly concerned about something.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Thoughts on Karl Rove's WH Departure

White House Counselor Karl Rove is stepping down. His stunning success in leading the 2000 campaign, his role in helping Republicans recapture the Senate in 2002, and his many other victories earned him the ire of liberals and Democrats, particularly those on the far left who will now be without one of their favorite Administration targets.

Over the years, Karl Rove has combined his study of history, strong political instincts, and relentless loyalty to President Bush to help countless Republican candidates and issues make the leap from theory to reality. In his role as "the Architect," he helped our party to secure significant tax relief for the American people, produce a fundamental shift in federal education policy to focus on results, and expanded trade and opportunity for American companies and workers competing around the world -- major accomplishments of this President's administration.

To liberals, Karl Rove is a man they love to hate (not much "tolerance" there). Of course, they don't feel this way because he was a failure; they feel this way because of his successes in helping to secure one Republican victory after another in Congress and on the electoral battlefield.

Friday, August 3, 2007

First Lady Laura Bush at RNC Meeting

A few moments ago, First Lady Laura Bush addressed the members of the Republican National Committee here in Minneapolis. Mrs. Bush has been here first to visit with rescue workers and the families of the victims of Wednesday's tragic bridge collapse.
The First Lady is traveling from here to events connected with the White House's Helping America's Youth initiative.
The President will be here over the weekend.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Democrats Support Electoral College Reform

That's right.

Democrats are on record in support of an initiative to allocate the state's Electoral College votes by Congressional Colorado.

It seems that in Republican-leaning Colorado, it's fundramentally unfair for Denver to determine where Electoral College votes from Colorado Springs go...but when the idea is mentioned in California, it must be part of some right-wing conspiracy. Colorado Democrats strongly advocated for such an initiative just last year: Amendment 36.

One news story put it this way:

Many of the biggest supporters of Amendment 36 have been Democrats, who began working to get the proposal on the ballot back when it looked as though their traditionally Republican state would again vote decisively for President Bush.

The liberals who are busy worrying over this idea need to check with their colleagues in Colorado, Florida, and other Republican-leaning states who have advocated for allocating Electoral College votes by district, people like Democrat State Senator Ron Tupa of Colorado, who said: "I support Amendment 36 based on a higher principle...I'm not looking at the Electoral College math and saying this amendment will somehow or other hurt the Democratic Party. I take my partisan hat off when I work on this issue."

The reality is that most process-related reforms (redistricting, electoral college, primary voting rules, etc.) are instantly evaluated not on the merits, but in terms of who benefits, and who doesn't, as a result. The principle involved is often lost.

The CRP routinely evaluates all statewide initiatives, once they qualify for the ballot. If and when this initiative clears that hurdle, we'll take a hard look at it.

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