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Monday, September 29, 2008

Desert Sun Endorses Benoit for Senate

This just in from the John Benoit for State Senate Campaign:

Yesterday, The Desert Sun endorsed Assemblyman John J. Benoit for the 37th State Senate District, praising Benoit as a "consensus builder" and agreeing with Benoit’s political priorities in keeping taxes low and promoting higher education to stimulate local job growth.

The newspaper's editorial board highlighted Benoit’s accomplishments in the State Assembly as reason to continue "building rapport across the aisle" in the State Senate:

"Early in his legislative career, he helped cut $8 billion in taxes from the state budget. The cut reduced the budget impact to cities from $800 million to $137 million. That type of leadership will be needed as the state continues to eye local coffers for ways to balance statewide deficits. Thus far, Benoit has co-authored legislation to increase the homeowners’ property tax exemption for senior citizens, worked to add judges, require day-care centers to disclose past safety violations, and he pushed for state legislation to force the federal government to reimburse California for money spent incarcerating undocumented criminals."

"It truly means a tremendous amount to have this respected publication weigh in on this race and endorse my candidacy," commented Assemblyman Benoit. "I look forward to continuing a strong record of accomplishment by serving Riverside County’s growing population in the State Senate."

To read Sunday’s editorial in its entirety, follow the link here.

CRP Issues Recommendations on Ballot Measures

The California Republican Party on Sunday voted to take positions on important initiatives on this November’s ballot. Together with positions adopted earlier this year, we recommend the following to all California voters:

Proposition 1A: High Speed Rail Bond. Oppose

Proposition 2: Farm Animals. ("Condos for Chickens"). Oppose

Proposition 3: Expensive hospital bond. Oppose

Proposition 4: Parental notification, "Sarah’s law." Support

Proposition 5: Weaken penalties for drug crimes. Oppose

Proposition 6: Anti-gang measure authored by Sen. George Runner (R). Support.

Proposition 7: Expensive, unproven energy scheme. Oppose

Proposition 8: Protect Marriage. Support

Proposition 9: Protect Crime Victims' Rights. Support

Proposition 10: Expensive alternative energy bond. Oppose

Proposition 11: Redistricting reform. No Position

Proposition 12: Veterans Bond. Support.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Volunteers Pour it on for McClintock

On Saturday morning I joined a large and enthusiastic crowd of supporters at Republican headquarters in Roseville for a rally and BBQ with the next Congressman from the fourth district: Tom McClintock.

The line into headquarters was literally out the door and into the parking lot as volunteers picked up McClintock and McCain/Palin signs before gathering in the parking lot for a large, old-fashioned BBQ where Tom thanked everyone and talked about the big issues in this national election: taxes and energy.

I appreciated the opportunity to be there with Tom as we thanked everyone in line for their help and being part of this great campaign.

Sending Tom McClintock to Congress will add a powerful, proven voice for limiting taxes and spending, and opening up America's energy reserves to get some energy price relief to American families.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Republican Well Positioned in Fresno Mayor's Race

Ashley Swearengin is a strong candidate for Fresno Mayor and is waging a tough campaign against a union-backed Democrat opponent in this large Central Valley city.

With a deep interest in public policy, Ashley is emphasizing "four cornerstones" in her campaign: jobs and education; safe, quality neighborhoods; effective and responsive government; and regional leadership.

Emerging from a highly competitive primary election in June, Ashley has earned the support of the Fresno County Republican Party in her runoff against a liberal Democrat who would take Fresno in exactly the wrong direction.

To learn more about Ashley Swearengin and her campaign for Fresno mayor, visit

Saturday, September 20, 2008

America’s High Corporate Taxes Weaken Us in the Global Economy

Senator McCain's pledge to improve America's competitiveness in the global economy by cutting, among other things, our high corporate tax rates is exactly the right policy, and a new study from our friends at the Heritage Foundation further makes the point.

Corporate tax rates have been coming down all over the world, even in the high tax welfare states of Europe. Sweden slashed its rate from 60 percent to 28 percent, while Norway's is down to 28 percent from 50 percent. In a world where capital is extremely mobile, investment flows to where it will produce the highest return, and in too many cases that means investment flowing away from the United States.

President Bush and the Republican Congress succeeded in cutting taxes on personal income, investment income, and the dreaded death tax. Yet corporate tax rates have remained high, creating an incentive for companies to locate outside of the United States and merely export goods here to avoid the tax.

California’s high taxes put our state at a further disadvantage, making McCain’s tax cutting plans even more important for Golden State residents.

Barack Obama is, of course, totally out to lunch when it comes to tax policy. He's advocated raising investment taxes even if it produces less revenue for the government by doing so. In justifying this Bizarro-world type position, Obama invokes some weird "fairness" justification. Like the rest of his tax policy, it doesn't make any sense.

McCain is exactly right - we have to make America the best place in the world to do business so we can create the jobs that flow from that business.

Latest Liberal Idea: World Car Free Day

You may not have noticed, but September 22nd is World Car Free Day. Time to put the aside the keys and embrace "sustainable, public" transportation.

I’ve never quite figured out why some liberals detest the automobile so much. Maybe it’s because it allows us to get around without having to pay some unionized bus or train driver to take us there, or perhaps it’s because they allow people the freedom to live where they wish, even if it’s outside of the range of inner city political machines.

So, getting back to this car free day, our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute are pointing out the silliness of this latest stunt by the anti-car crowd.

"Many people may love a car-free lifestyle, but for most people it would be pure misery. The handicapped, the elderly, parents carrying kids and groceries, suburban residents getting to work, rural residents running their lives - all depend on cars," said Sam Kazman, General Counsel at CEI. "The car free lifestyle itself requires other motorized vehicles, which deliver everything from organic flour to ingredients for lattes."

CEI recommends that those interested in seeing what “car free living” would really be like try it: in the rain, when carrying several bags of groceries, carrying a baby or with a toddler alongside, on crutches, after midnight, and/or without using a car or cab to get to the train or bus station.

Imperial County Republican Event Another Success

After two days in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, on Thursday I headed "over the hill" to the Coachella Valley for the Republican Party of Imperial County’s annual event. The county is at the center of one of the most heavily contested Assembly races in the state.

Former Palm Springs Police Chief Gary Jeandron, our nominee in the 80th Assembly District, was extremely well received by a crowd that understood how important it is to ensure Assemblymember Bonnie Garica’s successor is another fiscally responsible Republican.

Although the other team holds a plurality in registration, the county consistently outperforms Republican registration, often by impressive numbers.

Congratulations to Chairman Phil Falkenstein and his committee on a successful 2008 Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

San Diego Recruits Hundreds of New Precinct Representatives

When more than 400 new Republican Precinct Representatives gathered in Mission Valley on Saturday morning, it marked the beginning of the end for more than a few Democrat candidates in San Diego County.

Shortly after I was elected the county Republican leader in July 2001 we began building a permanent Republican turnout organization in the county, recognizing that the world is indeed run by those who show up. Today, the operation continues to form the foundation of the party’s powerful campaign organization in one of America’s largest counties.

The principle is simple: visiting voters is the best way to ensure they will turn out and vote, and while we’re visiting them, dropping off a doorhanger with the list of all the official Republican candidates for office helps to maximize the votes for our candidates running in those so-called "non-partisan" offices.

I appreciated the opportunity to serve as the trainer for the new Precinct Representatives on Saturday morning. Providing those who share our commitment to electing Republicans with the tools necessary for victory is a role I've enjoyed for many years, and creates tremendous satisfaction when our candidates emerge victorious on Election Day.

Thank you to everyone who is serving as a Republican volunteer in California this year!

Assemblyman Anderson Hits Home Run with Huge Fundraiser

Assembly Republican Caucus Elections Chairman Joel Anderson hit a home run with an extraordinarily well attended fundraiser in San Diego Saturday night that drew donors, candidates and volunteers from seemingly everywhere.

Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner served as the headline speaker, making the case for Republican principles on a range of issues from improving our state’s global competitiveness to overhauling state government. He was followed by a long list of speakers including Assembly Republican leader Mike Villines and a host of other Assembly candidates from inside and outside the county.

Congratulations to Assemblyman Anderson on a spectacular event.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

McCain Campaign Launches New Ad Focused on Wall Street Crisis

Demonstrating its agility in responding rapidly to events in real time, the McCain campaign this afternoon released a new ad touting Senator McCain's commitment to reform on Wall Street, with an emphasis on transparency and fairness.

From the McCain campaign:

ARLINGTON, VA -- Today, McCain-Palin 2008 released its latest television ad, entitled "Enough is Enough." With our economy in crisis, John McCain will meet this crisis by reforming Wall Street, enacting new rules for fairness and honesty and not tolerating a system that puts families at risks. The ad will be televised nationally.


Friday, September 12, 2008

San Joaquin Republicans Organizing for Dean Andal

On Tuesday Vice Chairman Tom Del Beccaro and I spoke to the South San Joaquin Republicans at a packed event highlighting the next Congressman from the 11th district, Dean Andal.

Dean is running a strong campaign for Congress in this highly competitive region of the state, and it’s great to see our Republican candidates benefitting from the organization our volunteer groups have built in the region. Dean’s campaign represents one of our best opportunities to pick up a congressional seat on the west coast, according to the National Republican Congressional Committee and other expert sources.

Dean is also benefitting from the support of our Republican congressional delegation, whose members are especially pouring it on for Dean, and for Tom McClintock in the nearby fourth Congressional district.

For more information on Dean's campaign, visit

Gallup: Battle for Congress Suddenly Looks Competitive

Momentum in the national campaign environment has clearly and dramatically shifted since the close of the national conventions. A surging McCain-Palin ticket is now having an impact on the battle for Congress, according to new information from Gallup.

While the "generic ballot" for Congress has favored the Democrats by 15% or more for much of the last year, that gap has suddenly closed to only 3% -- very important for our Congressional candidates, particularly in highly competitive districts.

Look at what Gallup had to say in this release:

The positive impact of the GOP convention on polling indicators of Republican strength is further seen in the operation of Gallup's "likely voter" model in this survey. Republicans, who are now much more enthused about the 2008 election than they were prior to the convention, show heightened interest in voting, and thus outscore Democrats in apparent likelihood to vote in November. As a result, Republican candidates now lead Democratic candidates among likely voters by 5 percentage points, 50% to 45%.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Orange County Young Republicans Are Fired Up

On Monday night I had the opportunity to visit with the Orange County Young Republicans at a packed -- PACKED -- meeting in Costa Mesa. Shawn Fago and his team continue to build a powerful political force in Orange County that is backing candidates while giving Republicans under 40 the opportunity to network and get involved in Republican politics in a very meaningful way.

Our Republican volunteer groups, like the YR's, are incredibly important to our party's success today and into the future. Members of the YR's include volunteers, candidates, elected officials, current and future candidates, and other Republican leaders. They're sophisticated, fired up, and provide crucial backup to our candidated in the field.

Meanwhile, YR members develop the skills and relationships that are helpful in moving ahead and being an important part of this great cause that binds us all together.

To learn more about the Orange County Young Republicans, click here.

Gov. Palin on a Roll, Hysterical Attacks Continue to Backfire

Have you been watching these hysterical attacks on Governor Palin? The other team has been lurching from one smear to another, desperately trying to find something that works.

And Governor Palin just keeps taking it in stride, moving forward toward victory every day.

Nothing the other team has thrown at Governor Palin has worked. Nothing. In fact, many of the attacks have produced precisely the opposite effect, further bolstering support for the Republican team.

First they attacked Gov. Palin for having been the mayor of a small town of 9,000, until the other team realized that there are lots of people living in small towns in key swing states and they may not like being slammed as unimportant, so we don't hear that one any more.

Then they attacked her family. That one not only didn't work, but served to highlight what a strong family Gov. Palin and her husband and children have.

Now we're seeing all kind of oddball attacks here and there, generating the appearance of desperation and serving to completely knock the Obama campaign off message to the point where his allies are openly worrying about the conduct of the campaign. Joe Biden appears sidelined. Obama is on defense, pegged as attacking Gov. Palin with nasty words.

This is not what their team had planned.

Meanwhile, we're seeing very clearly why John McCain chose Gov. Palin as his running mate. She is tough, unshakable, a Washington outsider who compliments his message of reform.

Republican Elected President of Oakland Port Commissioners

We’re very proud to see Republican Darlene Ayers-Johnson elected to serve as President of the Oakland Board of Port Commissioners. Below is a clip of the news release from the Commission:

OAKLAND, CA – The Oakland Board of Port Commissioners elected three new officers at the July 1, 2008 board meeting. The Port Board elected Commissioner Darlene Ayers-Johnson to serve as president of the board. Commissioner Victor Uno was elected to serve as 1st vice president and Commissioner Margaret Gordon was elected 2nd vice president. The Port Board will pass a resolution officially ratifying the election at the next board meeting July 15, 2008. Board members acknowledged outgoing President Anthony Batarse Jr. for his dedication to the board over the past 2007-08 fiscal year. Anthony Batarse Jr. is a very successful businessman who has graciously lent his expertise to the Port. Mr. Batarse was acknowledged for his leadership and recognized for donating a significant amount of time to building international relationships in furthering the Port of Oakland’s business ties overseas.

Commissioner Darlene Ayers-Johnson will replace Anthony Batarse Jr. as president of the Oakland Board of Port Commissioners, "I am genuinely pleased to accept this nomination. I view it as an opportunity to extend my service and past experience on the Port Board of Commissioners. It comes at a time when our port faces some rather unprecedented challenges to not only demonstrate our financial stability but to also transform our organization and operations in a way that will meet the expectations of a changing global economy and business climate. It also comes at a time when we have to collectively pull all of our resources together to work with our executive director and staff to strategically align the port to accomplish this."

President-elect Ayers-Johnson promised she would give her fullest and best efforts to her fellow commissioners and committed her full support to Port Executive Director Omar Benjamin, "… as he leads the Port organization forward and through this important period of change." Ayers-Johnson pledged to Port staff that she will make every effort to ensure that as commissioners, "… we carefully weigh each issue and commit to making decisions that will always be in the best interest of the port and the citizens of Oakland." President-elect Ayers-Johnson thanked her colleagues for their confidence and trust, "… and I will continue to always try to do my best. I truly appreciate this opportunity. Thank you."

In May 2007, Ms. Darlene Ayers-Johnson received a presidential appointment to the post of Senior Advisor to the Pacific Rim Regional Administrator, U.S. General Services Administration, San Francisco, CA. In September 2006, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Ms. Ayers-Johnson to the California Commission on the Status of Women and she received Senate Confirmation in February, 2007. Darlene Ayers-Johnson is principal of her own consulting firm, and served from January 2004 to May 2007 as Executive Director of "Friends of Faith" Fancher, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that brings breast cancer awareness to the underserved community. The organization was founded by well-known television newsperson, Faith Fancher a pioneer for female journalists, and an untiring activist for women's health. Ms. Ayers-Johnson has also served as executive director of the California State Board of Control, which handles restitution to crime victims and torts claims against the state.

Additionally, President-elect Darlene Ayers-Johnson formerly served as Chief Deputy Director for the State of California's Department of General Services. She is a second generation Californian who has served in her community on various boards and commissions over the past 35 years. Ms. Ayers-Johnson has been awarded the National Association of Women Business Owners Award, the state of California Department of Vehicles' Woman of the Year Award and has been recognized numerous times for her dedication and service in civic activities in her community.

McClintock Rolls Out New Ad: The Real Energy Crisis

Sen. Tom McClintock's congressional campaign in the 4th district began airing a new ad focused on the real source of America's energy crisis. The ad is quintessential Tom McClintock: focused, and right on point.

Watch the ad: The Real Energy Crisis

McCain Camp Takes Obama to Task with New Ad: Lipstick

The McCain campaign has immediately taken Barack Obama to task for his outrageous comments yesterday attacking Governor Palin.

Watch the ad: Lipstick

Talk about a campaign that just can't keep it together anymore. No wonder why the press is commenting about whether Obama can "get his groove back." Not this week -- clearly.

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