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Monday, June 30, 2008

CRP Recognizes Republican Jewish Coalition at Reagan Library

More than 600 members and supporters of California's Republican Jewish Coalition packed the Air Force One Pavilion at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Sunday night for the group's biggest annual event yet.

Building an expansive Republican Party in California demands building coalitions in communities where the other team has had an advantage, and that’s precisely what the RJC is doing among California's Jewish voters. Recognizing its tremendous growth, I was pleased to present the RJC with the Chairman's Republican Leadership Award on the occasion of the RJC reaching 10,000 active members in California and providing substantial support to our candidates.

The "Annual Summer Celebration" drew an impressive array of speakers including Insurance Commissioner Steve Poziner, Mississippi Senator Roger Wicker, and radio talk show host Dennis Prager, among others.

In my comments, I noted that elections are about choices, and in November we will not only choose the next President, but also the next Commander in Chief at a time when our servicemen and women are engaged on the battlefield in Iraq, Afghanistan, and less well known places around the world. We can either choose a President who understands the national security situation as John McCain does, or we as a nation can choose a President who would, as Barack Obama promises, sit down with dictators around the world, without preconditions, and confer upon them the additional influence and prestige that comes from simply sitting across the table with the President of the United States. Another reason why electing John McCain is so critical at this time in our nation’s history.

Congratulations to the RJC for a stellar event and continued growth in California!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Secretary of State Announces Proposition Numbers

Today the Secretary of State announced proposition numbers for the measures that have so far qualified for the November 2008 ballot. Each of these propositions is listed below.

The CRP took positions on Propositions 1, 2, 7 and 8 before qualifying for the ballot. Positions on the remaining propositions will be considered at the September convention.

Proposition 1: $10 Billion Bond for High Speed Rail (CRP opposes)

Proposition 2: Treatment of Farm Animals (CRP opposes)

Proposition 3: $1 Billion Bond for Children’s Hospitals

Proposition 4: Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor’s Pregnancy.

Proposition 5: Reduces penalties for drug offenses.

Proposition 6: Comprehensive anti-criminal gang measure supported by Sen. George and Assemblymember Sharon Runner.

Proposition 7: Onerous renewable energy mandates. (CRP opposes)

Proposition 8: Protection of traditional marriage. (CRP supports)

Proposition 9: Protect crime victims’ rights.

Proposition 10: $5 Billion Bond for renewable fuel vehicles.

Proposition 11: Redistricting reform measure supported by Governor Schwarzenegger.

Dr. NObama

Barack Obama has a pretty consistent answer when it comes to sensible solutions to reducing energy prices: No.

The Republican National Committee launched a special website "Dr. NObama" specifically to highlight the Democrat nominee's opposition to just about every good idea to increase energy supplies and reduce upward pressure on prices.

Obama relies on rhetorical slight of hand when he attempts to shoot down common sense ideas to bring energy supply and demand back into balance. As the video footage on the Dr. NObama site shows, Obama excuses himself for opposing increased drilling by claiming such measures "will not lower gas prices today." (emphasis added) This is a classic rhetorical technique which attempts to dismiss any idea that does not reach an artifically high standard for success. In other words, solutions that may not have an immediate effect should not be tried at all. It's a weak technique used when you don't have anything else to fall back on.

Worse, Obama again demonstrates his lack of understanding in how markets work. The market is an anticipatory mechanism. That is, markets take into account future supply and demand when determining pricing, and investments. We see this all the time when the shutdown of a refinery or a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico produces an immediate price spike in the commodities markets even before supply is impacted. Similarly, if America were to embark on a serious and credible program to increase energy supplies, you would see an immediate discount in pricing as dollars flow into other areas.

Visit the Dr. Nobama site for more background on Obama's opposition to improving America's energy security.

Steve Poizner Highlights CRP's Golden State Leadership Team Member Event in San Diego

State Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner continued his support for building the California Republican Party this week as he served as the headline speaker at a CRP Golden State Leadership Team member event in San Diego.

Last year, the CRP re-launched the Golden State Leadership Team, the group of donor clubs for Republicans contributing between $1,000 and $10,000 each year to support the California Republican Party and its programs. Tuesday's event served as the latest membership event for the program, and the second featuring Commissioner Poizner, who disucssed the progress he is making in putting Republican ideas into action in his department, while outlining the challenges and opportunities facing the state in the global economy.

Members of the Golden State Leadership Team receive complimentary member events, briefings and conference calls with elected leaders and candidates, and other valuable benefits. To learn more, click here. The next member event features Mitt Romney at the CRP's fall convention in Anaheim.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Republicans Cheer Court Decision Protecting Second Amendment Rights

Republican leaders across the country praised today's bold Supreme Court decision definitively establishing Americans' Second Amendment right to bear arms. It's a decision that is long overdue, and the Republican Party supports.

Liberals like Barack Obama have consistently tried to erode Americans' Second Amendment rights with the strained argument that while every other right in the Bill of Rights is an individual right, the Second Amendment is -- uniquely -- some kind of "collective right." This interpretation flatly defies the fact that the Bill of Rights is specifically designed to protect individual rights and liberties from encroachment by government. In short, the Bill of Rights protects people, not government.

As Americans, we are all the descendants of this nations' founders who recognized that our individual liberties and freedoms are rights granted by God, not by the government, thereby making them 'inalienable.' This is a distinctly different view from the European model where the government defines, and therefore limits, the rights of its citizens.

With the rights we enjoy comes the responsibility to protect those rights from erosion or encroachment by government. The Founders recognized that government's tendency is to accrue power at the expense of citizens.

At the time the Constitution was drafted, the Founders, fresh from their experience in repelling the rule of an oppressive king, were confident our new government would never follow the same path of oppression. Yet others rightly noted that no government is immune from the tendency to accumulate power at the expense of people, and thereby insisted the Constitution be followed by a Bill of Rights to permanently protect the freedoms we may otherwise see diminshed as memory of the Revolution faded.

Today's decision, strongly embraced by Republicans, represents a victory in what must be our never ending vigilance in protecting ourselves, and our descendants, from the erosion of the very liberties that so define who we are as a nation.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Inland Empire Republicans Turn Out for Sen. McCain

The Riverside Convention Center was the center of the action as Inland Empire Republicans turned out in heavy numbers to support Sen. McCain at Tuesday's luncheon. At this third of four events to raise funds for the campaign, we were joined by a long list of Republican elected officials from throughout the region, plus donors and activists who made the event another success for the Arizona senator.

The event followed a program earlier in the day in Santa Barbara, where Sen. McCain was joined by Gov. Schwarzenegger in discussing solutions to the current energy crisis and bringing down energy prices. Recognizing the importance of increasing energy supplies, Sen. McCain has stressed the need for more nuclear plants, and giving states the right to determine whether to allow oil drilling off their shores.

Barack Obama and the Democrats, however, seem to only embrace solutions that have been tried -- and failed -- in the 60's and 70's by such energy experts as Jerry Brown and Jimmy Carter. Indeed, while the Democrats like to repeat the (tired) line that Sen. McCain would somehow be President Bush's third term, what's become abundantly clear is that Barack Obama would be Jimmy Carter's second.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Packed Events for Sen. McCain in Fresno

We just left Fresno following two huge events with Senator McCain in the heart of the Central Valley.

Demonstrating his commitment to competing in California, Sen. McCain was joined by Central Valley Republican leaders like CA Campaign Chairman Bill Jones, Congressman George Radanovich, Congressman Devin Nunes, former Senator Chuck Poochigian and his wife Supervisor-elect Debbie Poochigian, Fresno Mayor Alan Autry, and many others.

Following a successful town hall meeting at Fresno State which drew more than 700, the Senator was featured at a fundraiser that absolutely packed the biggest ballroom at the Radisson in downtown Fresno. Congressman Radanovich served as MC for the luncheon, Congressman Nunes thanked the long list of event sponsors and local Republican leaders who demonstrated their support at the event, and Senator McCain stole the show, highlighting key campaign issues including the economy, energy, and national security policy.

More later...

Friday, June 20, 2008

McNerney Votes Against Funding Troops

Proving once again he has no interest in being a "moderate" Democrat, Jerry McNerney has again voted in opposition to supporting our troops in harm's way. He's making a habit of this.

Here's the update just in from the NRCC:

Washington– Rep. Jerry McNerney (CA-11) voted last night against fully funding our troops who continue to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan (House Roll Call 431).

"Jerry McNerney has failed to support our men and women who are serving on the front lines providing for our national security," said NRCC spokesman Ken Spain. "There is no excuse for Jerry McNerney’s unconscionable vote against this critical funding for our troops. His complete disregard for safety of our troops is disgraceful."

By voting against this troop funding bill, Jerry McNerney also opposed funding for:

Military, Reserve and National Guard personnel
Weapons and Ammunition
Combat vehicles, including armored vehicles for force protection purposes
Defense Health Program, specifically for psychological health and traumatic brain injury
Counterterrorist operations

Jerry McNerney’s incomprehensible decision to vote against our troops speaks to the core of his priorities in Congress to deflect his duties to provide for our national security at every turn. McNerney’s constituents in California deserve an explanation for his blatant disregard to fund American men and women in uniform.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

McClintock, Andal will Strengthen House Republicans

The House Republican Conference stands to benefit both in numbers and firepower when California adds Tom McClintock and Dean Andal to our Congressional delegation. Their election is a top priority for the CRP and the National Republican Congressional Committee.

Walking into Tom McClintock's office in the Capitol, one immediately notices the large bust of Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and founder of the University of Virginia, in the reception area. Such a bold display of one of our founding fathers is appropriate in the place where as a state senator, Tom McClintock advocates for lower taxes, balanced budgets, limited government, and policies of personal responsibility. His skilled articulation of Republican principles will add a powerful voice to the Republican Conference in the House of Representatives. To join Tom's campaign, click here.

Dean Andal is working diligently to restore solid Republican representation to the 11th Congressional district, lost two years ago when the liberal Jerry McNerney (D) replaced Congressman Richard Pombo (R). Dean is a Republican leader who is as solid on politics as he is on policy. Dean has proven him as a thoughful, hard working lawmaker, as well as a seasoned campaigner who knows precisely what it takes to win in a competitive district. To join Dean's campaign, click here.

Riverside County Party, Lincoln Club Working Together

The Lincoln Club of Southwest Riverside County teamed up with the Republican Party of Riverside County tonight for a great event in Temecula to promote party-building programs in this growing region.

Southwest Riverside County is well represented in Congress and the Legislature by Rep. Darrell Issa, Senator Dennis Hollingsworth, and Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries. Bordering Orange and San Diego Counties, this area has been transformed from rolling hills to a bustling (and very Republican) suburbia.

It's great to see the county party and the Lincoln Club working together so closely, holding joint events and pooling resources to further strengthen our presence in the area.

I appreciated the opportunity to participate in tonight's event where Senator Hollingsworth was recognized for his long time leadership. Special congratulations to Republican leader Ken Minesinger for organizing this excellent reception.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Republican Legislators Call for Spending Limit, Rainy Day Fund

Today Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill, Assembly Republican Leader Mike Villines and the members of their caucuses rolled out an ambitious reform plan aimed at ending perpetual budget crises in California by reforming the state's "broken budget system." The plan includes a limit on increases in state spending, and the creation of a rainy day fund to offset shortfalls when state revenue drops.

Republicans have consistently called for these common sense reforms, offering solid solutions to the structural problems in state government. This includes Governor Schwarzenegger's own calls for limits on state spending, including in the form Proposition 76 in 2005, and alternatively, a limit based on the 10 year rolling average in state income.

The case for Republican legislators' proposal is outlined in an op-ed in today's Sacramento Bee. Read it here.

Republican Supervisors Trounce Opponents in San Benito County

The central coast region is a competitive one for both parties. Yet, Republican Supervisors in San Benito County won decisive victories earlier this month, reports county chairman Marvin Jones:

Jaime De La Cruz (R) received 61% of the vote in a 60% Democrat district. Anthony Botelho (R) received 57% of the vote in a district with a +11% Democrat registration advantage.

Massive Turnout for Tony Strickland Event with Mitt Romney

If the enthusiasm in the huge room full of Tony Strickland supporters is any indication of the strength of his grassroots network, Tony Strickland is going to be on his way to the California State Senate.

Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney headlined the packed event at the Westlake Village Hyatt for Tony, drawing over 400 supporters and raising hundreds of thousands of dollars in this key state contest to succeed Sen. Tom McClintock, who is now on his way to Congress as the Republican nominee in the 4th district.

Tony's strength wasn't just evident inside of the event, but outside as well. A group of the usual suspects on the left showed up to protest, only to be badly outnumbered by a larger group of pro-Tony supporters waving American flags. Thank you to everyone who participated -- inside and out. Of course, Tony made sure all the volunteers were taken care of and given the opportunity to hear Gov. Romney's talk inside the event, and meeting with them personally. Way to go, Tony.

Tony is an incredibly strong and capable candidate, having proven his leadership skills in the California State Assembly and in his statewide campaign for Controller in 2006. In the Assembly, Tony took on then-Gov. Gray Davis when Davis was at the height of his political strength, filing suit in Strickland v. Davis to force the Governor to make public the long term contracts he had signed with power companies during the electricity crisis. Thanks to Tony, it was revealed that Davis had signed contracts for electricity at prices that were even higher than they were at the peak of the spot market, forcing their renegotiation, and saving millions of dollars for state taxpayers.

To learn more about Tony's campaign and show your support, click here.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Media wonders, Where are the Democrats?

The press in has started to openly wonder about the Democrat Party in San Diego, following the drubbing their party took in the June 3 election.

This article in Monday's Voice of San Diego paints a dim picture of the Democrats in this large coastal county, defeated in their own districts by Republicans with strong party support. Link: Where are the Democrats?

Many of the externals run in the Democrats' favor in this region: coastal areas tend to lean left; their party has a signfiicant advantage in voter registration in the city; etc. Yet, Republicans continue to pick up and hold seats, even in plurality Democrat areas. For example:

Despite a registration advantage in the City of over 30,000, 88.9% of city voters cast ballots for Republican candidates for Mayor on June 3rd. Republican Mayor Jerry Sanders won outright. In a city where their party holds a majority of those who idenitify with a party, Democrats could only muster a third-tier candidate.

In the same election, Republican City Attorney candidate Jan Goldsmith (a former Republican Assemblyman), placed first, winning more than 7,000 votes more than incumbent Democrat Mike Aguirre. The two will face off in November. When you're an incumbent, and 71% of voters cast ballots against you, you're in trouble.

And the list goes on.

This article details just how bad it has gotten for the Democrats, and why Republicans contiue to perform well, even in Democrat districts.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

OC GOP's Flag Day Dinner Draws Over 900

Congratulations to the Republican Party of Orange County for an outstanding annual Flag Day Celebration Friday evening featuring Florida Governor Charlie Crist and Washington State gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi.

Drawing more than 900 Republican leaders, activists, elected officials, candidates and donors, this year's Flag Day event is symbolic of how the Republican Party of Orange County serves as a key pillar for our party in California.

While many of Orange County's local government officials put our ideas into action in city councils, county government and school boards, OC's Republican legislators demonstrate solid leadership in Sacramento every day.

Please join me in congratulating Chairman Scott Baugh, the Republican Party of Orange County, and all of the donors, volunteers and staff who contributed to the event's success, for an outstanding performance honoring our flag, and the nation and principles it stands for.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Napa GOP Chair Receives Governor Appointment

Governor Arnold Schwarznegger has appointed our friend Napa County Republican Chair Janet Kirtlink to the Napa Town and Country Fair Board of Directors. Congratulations, Janet!

On Thursday the Governor's office also announced the appointment of these Republicans as well:

Michael Anderson, 56, of Fort Bragg, has been appointed to the Redwood Empire Fair Board of Directors (12th District Agricultural Association).

Donald Crain, 68, of Gerber, has been appointed to the Tehama District Fair Board of Directors (30th District Agricultural Association).

Lori Gay, 45, of Los Angeles, has been appointed to the California Housing Finance Agency Board of Directors.

David Gowan, 68, of Philo, has been appointed to the Redwood Empire Fair Board of Directors (12th District Agricultural Association).

Eddie Kouyoumdjian, 39, of Glendora, has been appointed general manager of the Exposition Park.

Ronald Ledford, 64, of Talmage, has been appointed to the Redwood Empire Fair Board of Directors (12th District Agricultural Association).

Michael Schutz, 55, of Ukiah, has been appointed to the Redwood Empire Fair Board of Directors (12th District Agricultural Association).

Alex Soteras, 47, of Calabasas, has been appointed to the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board.

Republican Budget Reforms Desperately Needed in Sacramento

Republicans in Sacramento recognize the need to reform California's budget process, which is now pre-programmed for higher spending and provides no cushion in times when revenues fall.

There's a healthy diversity of ideas among Republicans about how best to achieve the shared goal of reforming the budget process while at the same time holding the line on taxes. Democrat ideas for tax increases come at the worst possible time for Californians who are already facing a soft real estate market, diminished home values, rising food and energy prices, and an increase in unemloyment.

If enacted into law, Democrat tax increases would further soften the California economy, harm job and personal income growth, and make our state less competitive with other states and nations that are more than happy to take the jobs and capital our state can export.

The pressure inside Sacramento to raise taxes is tremendous. Groups benefitting from government largesse, and those who represent them, walk the halls of the Capitol with plenty of reasons why this tax increase or that would be just fine. Yet, Republicans continue to hold firm, recognizing that when tax increases go on the table, reform comes off the table. Government has a spending addiction. Consequently, the current budget problems are the result not of Califronians not paying enough in taxes, but government spending too much.

Beyond the current budget situation, Republicans recognize the system itself must be reformed. Currently, as tax revenues rise, spending rises as well, often faster. Economic slowdowns and corresponding drops in tax revenue are inevitable (particularly when the state is heavily dependent on wide swings in income and capital gains taxes), yet not provisions are made to set aside revenues to cover eventual shortfalls. Further, no meaningful cap exists on the growth in government spending in times of plenty, exacerbating the problem.

Limiting increases in spending, and diverting surpluses to a reserve fund for use only when a budget shortfall exists, is a common sense approach which Republicans continue to advocate while Democrats resist.

Governor Schwarzenegger and Republican legislators deserve continued support for their drive for reform, and for solving the current budget problem through spending reductions rather than giving in to Democrat calls for tax hikes.

Congressman Radanovich Makes the Case for Senator McCain

"This November, Californians have the opportunity to vote for a Western Republican presidential candidate who understands California issues and will uphold conservative values - a combination that I believe will make California a competitive state in the 2008 Presidential election," writes our friend Congressman George Radanovich in an excellent commentary published today.

Read the full commentary

Pope Benedict Welcomes President Bush

The close relationship between President Bush and Pope Benedict XVI was evident as the two met at the Vatican this week. White House Chief of Protocol Nancy Goodman Brinker noted the President "is a huge fan of the pope and has full respect for him" and that the President "fully supports the (Catholic) Church and fully supports everything this pope is trying to do on behalf of peace, education and hunger in cooperation with world political leaders."

The relationship is reminiscent of the close ties between President Reagan and Pope John Paul II during the 1980s. That relationship, and the extraordinary impact it had on the fall of the Soviet Union and promoting the cause of liberty, is documented thoroughly in John O'Sullivan's book, the President, the Pope and the Prime Minister.

President Bush is on his farewell tour of Europe, which includes visits with leaders in Slovenia, Germany, Britain, France and Italy.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Democrats Relent: US Senate to Privatize its Failing Restaurants

There's more than a bit of irony in the Democrat-controlled US Senate's decision to privatize (that is, "outsource" operation of) its restaurants, which consistently lose money and provide what Senator Feinstein calls "noticably subpar food and service."

Oh, where to begin on this one.

The difference in food service between the north (Senate) and south (House) side of the Captiol isn't as stark as the difference between formerly East and West Berlin -- but it's worth looking at.

The restaurants on the House side are privately run and have been for decades. The Senate restaurants are run by the United States federal government, whose expertise in running food establishments is questionable at best.

The results are:

House staffers virtually never go to the Senate side for lunch. Senate staffers frequently go to the House side. A clear example of consumers voting with their feet. I wonder how many West Berliners would have crossed over to East Berlin in the 1980's for lunch, even absent the Wall.

House restaurants make money. Senate restaurants lose money, specifically, over $18 million since 1993. Without an emergency subsidy of $250,000, the Senate restaurants won't make payroll this month. The House restaurants, managed by Restaurant Associates, have generated $1.2 million in commissions paid back to the House since 2003.

Predictably, Senator Feinstein ran into a bit of trouble with her colleagues for suggesting the privatization option. According to the Washington Post, she was "heckled" by fellow Democrats for bringing it up in a closed door session. It appears the Democrats changed their mind once presented with the option of privatizing, or a 25% increase in prices if they were to continue to be government-run.

Read the complete story in this Washington Post story.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Steve Knight to Carry on Family Legacy

Californians adopted Proposition 22 to protect traditional marriage between one man and one woman. That measure was championed by State Senator Pete Knight, a former record-setting test pilot who championed traditional values as a Republican legislator. Sadly, Senator Knight passed away in 2004 following a battle with leukemia.

This year, Californians will again vote on the issue of marriage, following the California State Supreme Court’s decision striking down Proposition 22 in a brazen example of judicial activism.

So it is with a sense of irony that Senator Knight’s son Steve has just secured the Republican nomination for State Assembly in the solidly Republican 36th district. We look forward to having Steve in Sacramento continuing his family’s legacy of fighting for Republican principles and values.

Learn more about Steve Knight

Republican Dominance in Fresno Continues

The Central Valley is a key swing region of our state, and Republicans continue to perform well here. Mike Der Manouel provides this report from Fresno County:

The Lincoln Club of Fresno County enjoyed a clean sweep of its endorsed candidates for Fresno City Council on Tuesday, with each of the candidates gaining over 65% of the vote. The council thus take a sharp tack to the right. Endorsed candidate for Mayor Jerry Duncan finished third behind newcomer Ashley Swearengin and Council Member Henry T. Perea. Swearengin is a Republican and the LC will likely start negotiating with her over an endorsement very soon.

Stalwart conservative Debbie Poochigian was also elected to the County Board of Supervisors in a dogfight with Clovis Councilman Nathan Magsig. The Lincoln Club was neutral in that race.

Meet Tony Rezko

Barack Obama's longtime friend, supporter and fundraiser Tony Rezko was convicted of multiple felonies this week following a lengthy trial. Obama's close affiliation with Rezko is another sign of why he lacks the judgment to be President of the United States.

To provide you with all the background on Tony Rezko and his close ties to Barack Obama, the Republican National Committee launched

Meanwhile, Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan issued this statement following the Rezko conviction:

"On the day Barack Obama hoped to unite his party after wheezing over the finish line and claiming the Democrat nomination, a jury in his hometown of Chicago convicted his longtime friend and fundraiser Tony Rezko of multiple felonies. This is further proof that Obama’s high-flying rhetoric is just that and in no way represents the kind of change our nation demands. Today’s verdict and Obama’s friendship with Rezko raise serious questions about whether he has the judgment to serve as president."

Primary Results Boost Republicans in CA

Make no mistake, thanks to so many people pulling together in campaigns across the state, Tuesday's election results show the Republican Party is on the field in California and running up the score in a very competitive environment.

Here are a few key developments from Tuesday's polling.

Republicans kick off the general election campaign with a decisive win as the Democrat-led recall of Senator Jeff Denham goes down in flames. Senate Republican Leader Dave Cogdill, Assemblyman Tom Berryhill and I joined Jeff at his victory headquarters Tuesday night as the results came in: in a Democrat district, in a Democrat state, in what we're told is supposed to be a Democrat year - 76% of 12th district voters rejected the Democrat recall campaign.

Republican Tom McClintock is headed for Congress following his nomination in the 4th Congressional District last night. Democrat cubicle-jockeys back in Washington are trying to tell the press that they have a shot in this district in November. They don't. As Republican donors and volunteers unify behind Tom McClintock, we're going to see Republican dominance of this seat continue for years to come. In San Diego, Duncan D. Hunter decisively won our nomination in the 52nd district, another open seat.

While Nancy Pelosi and Congressional Democrats have zero pickup opportunities in California, Republican Dean Andal is well positioned to defeat ultra-liberal Jerry McNerney in the 11th district.

Assemblymember Mimi Walters won the Republican nomination in district 33, making her certain to succeed Senator Dick Ackerman. Other Assemblymembers heading to the Senate include Bob Huff, John Benoit and with all of our support, Greg Aghazarian and former Assemblyman Tony Strickland.

The Assembly primary results are too lengthy to detail here, yet several new Republican women's caucus members are on their way to Sacramento, along with veterans like Nathan Fletcher (district 75), John McCann (district 78) and Abram Wilson (district 15). Gary Jeandron ran unopposed in the 80th district to succeed termed out Assemblymember Bonnie Garcia. In the hotly contested 15th Assembly District, San Ramon Mayor Abram Wilson won the nomination in a very competitive four way primary.

In San Diego County, the wheels completely fell off the Democrat cart as former Assemblyman Jan Goldsmith (R) placed first in the race for City Attorney, beating incumbent Democrat Mike Aguirre. The two will face off in November. In the race for San Diego Mayor, 88.9% of City voters cast ballots for Republican candidates despite a 30K registration advantage for the Democrats. Incumbent Mayor Jerry Sanders was re-elected.

In Ventura County, Chairman Mike Osborn reports that while Democrats made a big deal of becoming the plurality party, more Republicans turned out to vote than Democrats, and Senate nominee Tony Strickland received about 3,000 more votes in the primary than his Democrat opponent (results). The world is not run by those who are just registered, but by those who turn out.

With the primary behind us, the general election campaign is now in full swing. Given what we together accomplished Tuesday night, we can achieve great victories in November for this great cause that unites us.

In our Presidential contest, we have a clear choice between the ready-on-day-one-leadership of John McCain, or Jimmy Carter's second term with Barack Obama. Our downticket state and local races are equally important to putting our Republican ideas into action here in California.

Republican Women Win Party Backing

The Republican farm team system is working.

Across the state, we're seeing an increasingly diverse array of solid Republican candidates move up through local government and leadership positions to carry our party banner into the November election.

As our party increases its focus on electing Republicans to local offices, we benefit from building the farm team of candidates from many different backgrounds who have gained the campaign and government experience necessary to win higher office and further build our party.

Here are just a few of the women leaders with local government experience our party has nominated for state office this year:

Councilmember and former Dana Point Mayor Diane Harkey is headed for the Assembly in the 73rd district, succeeding Mimi Walters who will become the new Senator in the 33rd district.

Tulare County Supervisor Connie Conway won the Republican nomination in the 34th Assembly district and will become the new Assemblymember in this reliably Republican region.

Former Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified school board member Gabirella Holt is the Republican nominee in the very competitive 54th Assembly District in Los Angeles County.

Winnetka Neighborhood Council Member Armineh Chelebian will carry the party banner as the Republican nominee for Assembly in the 40th district in Los Angeles County.

Meanwhile, as Assemblymembers Shirley Horton and Bonnie Garcia are leaving the Assembly due to term limits, I'm confident one of them will return to Sacramento in two years are the new Republican State Senator in the 40th district.

Republican Women Nominated for State Legislature and Congress in 2008
Doris Lynn Gentry (A-7)
Elizabeth Hansen (A-11)
Conchita Applegate (A-12)
Harmeet Dhillon (A-13)
Catherine Brinkman (A-19)
Annalisa Yenne (A-21)
Jean Fuller (A-32, incumbent)
Connie Conway (A-34)
Audra Strickland (A-37, incumbent)
Armineh Chelebian (A-40)
Jane Barnett (A-43)
Lady Cage-Barile (A-47)
Esthela Torres Siegrist (A-49)
Gwen Patrick (A-52)
Gabriella Holt (A-54)
Wendy Maier (A-61)
Diane Harkey (A-73)
Sashi McEntee (S-3)
Claudia Bermudez (S-9)
Lydia Guitierrez (S-25)
Mimi Walters (S-33)
Dana Walsh (H-8)
Joyce Stoer Cordi (H-15)
Charel Winston (H-16)
Diane Lenning (H-39)
Mary Bono Mack (H-45, incumbent)
Rosemarie Avila (H-47)

Congratulations to all of our Republican nominees!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Denham Recall Crushed: Reps Kick off General Election Season with Big Win

SACRAMENTO - California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring today issued the following statement concerning Jeff Denham's victory over the attempt at recalling him from office:

"On the same day the national general election campaign began, voters in the Central Valley and Central Coast - a key swing region of our state -- sent a strong message in decisively rejecting the Democrats' misguided campaign to recall Republican Senator Jeff Denham.

"In a Democrat district, in a Democrat state, in what has been dubbed a Democrat year, - Republicans won an overwhelming victory tonight with Jeff Denham.

"Sacramento Democrats picked this fight - and they lost. They forced a recall election on Senator Denham because he had the courage to fight for a balanced budget and against tax increases. While these are ideas that may be foreign to Democrats in the capitol, they're common sense just about everywhere else.

"Republicans warned about ballooning budget deficits and the need to inject some common sense in the state's budget; Senator Denham stood on the side of responsible government and won.

"But this wasn't just a win for Senator Denham and the California Republican Party. It was a win for fiscal sanity, for responsible budgeting, and for a transparent and accountable government.

"Senator Denham's victory was a win for Republican ideas and common-sense solutions in California. In a district with a 49% Latino constituency and a 13 point Democrat registration advantage,, a Republican message that embraces protecting and improving public education, that requires accountability in government, and that rejects status-quo, ‘politics as usual' in Sacramento was met with the support of the voters.

"In such a swing district and election, voters embraced an experienced, no-nonsense candidate who was willing to take on the tough issues facing their communities. These are the same qualities embodied by our congressional and legislative candidates and by our own Presidential candidate John McCain."

Monday, June 2, 2008

Jon Voight's Powerful Message for John McCain

It's rare to see a Hollywood actor on the stump for a Republican, particularly one like John McCain who strongly supports victory in Iraq. Yet this afternoon, Jon Voight made a powerful case for Senator McCain's candidacy at a fundraising lunch in La Jolla.

In comments that were powerful because they were both emotional and thoughtful, Voight explained how he and many in his generation were on the wrong track in the 1960's with their opposition to the war in Vietnam. He went on to explain how he had experienced his own philosophical transformation -- one that has resulted in his commitment to help elect Senator McCain because, as he says, the country needs a man of character and commitment in the White House.
Congratulations to Jon Voight for his courage in taking such a public stance for our Republican nominee for President, and for beign such an articulate advocate for this great cause.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

College Republicans Pour into San Diego for Ground Assault

Last night after returning from the rally at Jeff Denham's headquarters in Modesto I headed to the Town and Country Hotel in San Diego to talk with the army of College Republicans who spent the weekend going door to door to drive Republican turnout for Republican council candidates.

Twenty years ago this September I joined the College Republicans at my campus, and we're particularly interested in seeing the CR's here in California grow while providing opportunities for the next generation of Republican leaders. In fact, many of today's best legislative and campaign staffers are CR graduates.

The CR's who gathered in San Diego this weekend were from all around the state -- Northern California, Los Angeles, Long Beach. Even USC and UCLA folks in the same room -- now THAT's unity for the cause. While walking precincts for Republican council candidates, these CR's were also gaining great campaign experience on the front lines of the intense battle over the future of San Diego following the city's financial meltdown in 2004.

Congratulations to all of the CR's who were out on the field for our team this weekend, in San Diego and elsewhere. Great work!

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