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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Republicans Countering Dem Message Almost as Well as the Dems Are

The Republican National Committee has set up a war room in Denver to counter the Democratic National Convention under the banner "Not Ready '08: A Mile High and An Inch Deep." Our team has done an excellent job countering the Democrats’ messaging - almost as well as the Democrats are countering their own messaging with all of the division we’re seeing between the Obama and Clinton camps.

Despite all the public claims of unity, the leadership on the other team can't be happy about the persistent division that has spilled into the media. It's gone way beyond the off the record backbiting we saw initially. When James Carville is publicly stating the Obama team wasted the first night of the convention, and Bill Clinton plans to take off before Obama gives his Thursday night speech, those are hardly signs of a party that’s all on the same page.

We've all heard the rhetoric about how Obama will unite the country. The guy can't even unite his own party.

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